Covid-19 Update

Posted by Nate Perleberg on Apr 02 2020 at 08:12AM PDT

COVID-19 Update March 30, 2020

Riders Baseball Family,

We have been mandated by Wyoming American Legion Baseball Commissioner Cody Beers to extend our shut down of Riders Baseball operations until April 19th. This means no practice, no games, no team meetings, no coaches working with players, etc. Our Indoor Facility will continue to be closed to all and we ask for players to continue doing their individual workouts at home or find a park or field where you can safely social distance. No one wants to get back to baseball more than me, but at this point in time our players and community’s health is our number 1 concern. Coaches will be in contact weekly via text to send out individual work-out plans to every player in our program.

Casino Night: As for Casino Night tickets, please continue selling them to friends and family. Regardless of when our season starts, we will have our 2020 Casino Night at some point. Please prepare to have them sold by the April 27th date as originally planned.

Schedule: As of now, all games are cancelled up to April 19. We will continue to re-evaluate our game schedules and add games to our summer schedule. Our summer schedule may be jam packed with baseball when this finally clears, but I don’t think anyone will complain about that. :)

Parents: Please ensure that your children are staying healthy and practicing healthy lifestyle habits. Limit social media/tv/video game time and make sure they are not staying up all night and sleeping all day! As we move into remote learning, please encourage your children to give a good effort and do their part. As a teacher, I have no idea how this will look, but I know it helps having positive parents and students working together. As for baseball, please encourage or even help them do their workouts and help keep them in a positive mindset. This can be a very difficult time when something they love so dearly and have prepared for all year long is suddenly stripped away from them.

I remain hopeful and optimistic that this in time will pass and we will have a 2020 season. The hardest part for all of us is being away from our Riders Baseball family. I miss our players and coaches dearly and can’t wait to get back on the diamond. Until then, please remain safe and healthy and Go Riders!

Coach Perleberg


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