Covid-19 Update

Posted by Nate Perleberg on Mar 25 2020 at 12:42PM PDT

From the desk of Coach Perleberg
Covid update 3/23/20

Riders Baseball fans, I want to thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate through uncharted waters. No one wants to get back on the diamond more than me. I miss our guys dearly. I’ve had a few questions lately and figured this would be a good way to get the word out…

How long will we be out of baseball? That is the million dollar question. I do know that our American Legion National headquarters in Indianapolis is evaluating the situation every 2 weeks. I will continue to post updates when we hear from them. I do know that they are very optimistic that we will have a season at some point.

Will this affect our game schedules? I think at this point we can assume that part of our early season schedule will be affected. However, one reason for playing so many games in our season is in case of rainouts, snow, and now this virus. I have already started looking at possibilities to beef up our summer schedules even more in the case that our season gets condensed and we miss out on some spring games. I can assure you that I will work hard to make sure our teams have adequate schedules when we do start back up.

How will player fees be impacted? At this point we need to see how much of our season is impacted. I do know that our board is meeting frequently and will monitor this. Where we live we could potentially lose 15-20 games every year just due to weather. At this point in time we just need to see how much of our season is impacted.

Do I still need to fundraise and sell Casino Night tickets? Yes, our seasons year in and year out are dependent upon our community and sponsors and donations. This year no doubt will be more difficult to raise money but one thing that I know about Gillette is our people will find a way to help. As for Casino Night, a decision will made at our April 6th board meeting as to the status of the May 1st event. At this point we will look at all options but we will be having the 2020 Casino Night fundraiser at some point. So please plan on selling all your tickets by the April 27 deadline.

When will the field be open again for players? Our hands are tied here because we have been mandated to shut down to all baseball activities. As soon as we can open, we will let everyone know. As for now, coaches will stay in contact with players as far as things to do at home to stay ready. Please encourage your players at home to have a daily routine and do their part in staying healthy and baseball ready.

I am remaining positive and optimistic that this will in time pass and we will have a great summer. It’s a great day to be a Rider!

-Coach Perleberg


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